An au pair for summer: Good opportunities for families in German-speaking countries!

(28 May 2013) More and more young people from around the world are wishing to become au pairs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria! This includes au pairs who would like to work over the summer months. So right now, there are particularly good opportunities for host families in German-speaking countries for finding a summer au pair. Even with increasing numbers of host families in these countries, there is still a very good ratio of au pairs to host families!

Sommer Aupair in deutschsprachigen Ländern

More than 500 au pairs have recently registered on AuPairWorld, wishing to work in a German-speaking country over the summer months. Thus, the odds are more than good for families in Switzerland, Austria and Germany of finding a summer au pair on AuPairWorld.

Host families: Why not invite a summer au pair?

Statistically, every family in Germany wishing to host an au pair over the summer months can choose from among five au pairs. By way of comparison, there are three summer au pairs for every host family in Switzerland and almost two au pairs for every host family in Austria. Therefore, right now is a great time for host families in German-speaking countries to search for a summer au pair. And even if more families in the German-speaking countries decided to host an au pair this summer, there are more than enough au pairs registered to ensure you find a suitable match. So why not take the decision today and invite a summer au pair to your family and benefit from all the advantages of hosting a summer au pair.

Being a summer au pair is particularly worthwhile for EU citizens

Young people from the EU in particular, benefit from an au pair stay in one of the German-speaking countries over the summer months, as it offers a great introduction to au pairing. Furthermore, the right to free movement allows EU citizens to enter other EU member states for a short period of time without any difficulty. However, for au pairs who do need a visa for their host country, there is a minimum stay of six months. Therefore, it is recommended to get the most out of an au pair visa by staying longer than just the summer months, as it is only issued once in every person's lifetime. 

Au pairs: Take note of the summer holidays in your host countries

It is very important that au pairs take note of the summer holidays in their chosen host countries: for example, there is a six- or seven-week summer holiday in Germany, according to the type of school. Depending on the state, summer holidays start at different times during the summer months. They are roughly scheduled between 19 June and 11 September 2013. In most of the German-speaking Swiss cantons there is a five- or six-week summer holiday scheduled between 28 June and 1 September. In Austria, students get nine weeks off during the summer months; usually between early July and early September. In Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland the summer holidays start in the first week of July, and in the other states about a week later.

Mind the dialects: Different regions speak different German dialects

Good to know: In Germany, standard German is spoken in the area around Hannover. Au pairs wishing to travel to Munich, Berlin or Hamburg, will probably get to know the corresponding regional dialects. In Switzerland, French, Italian and Swiss-German are the official languages spoken in the different cantons. Swiss-German is considered a language on its own. Austrian German, on the other hand, is influenced by the Bavarian dialect. All of these aspects are very important when it comes to choosing your host country. We wish you good luck in your search!

Have you already hosted an au pair or been a summer au pair yourself? In this case, we would love to read your testimonial! Please send your story and photos to

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