New info series: An au pair for the summer months!

(10 May 2013) The summer holidays are coming closer and many parents are starting to wonder how they can best keep their children busy during this period of the year. The answer is quite easy: Why not invite a summer au pair? Consult our new info series to find out more about summer au pair opportunities in various host countries.   

Summer au pair

Is there a balance between supply and demand for summer au pairs in your host country?

We've had a look at our statistics while working on our new info series "An au pair for the summer months". We wanted to find out which countries are particularly popular among summer au pairs this year and in which countries families are hoping to host an au pair this summer. We've gathered all the information you need to find out more about your opportunities concerning the au pair stay during the summer months in your particular host country.

The focus is set on different linguistic regions

We will start off with Italy and continue with English-speaking countries like the UK, Ireland and the USA. Then we'll turn to Spain and German-speaking countries, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A summer au pair: A great way to get started with au pairing

Our experiences at AuPairWorld have shown: Inviting an au pair over the summer months presents a great opportunity for families who wish to host an au pair for the first time. Whether a family holiday is planned or the parents will be working through the summer holiday period, it's an easy way to get started. And if the first experience is a good one, it's always possible to look for an au pair for a longer time frame.

Whether on holiday or at home: An au pair can lend you a helping hand

Inviting an au pair for the summer offers many advantages: it provides a unique combination of childcare and cultural exchange. While (nursery) schools are closed over the holidays, your new family member for the summer can lend a hand, assisting you with looking after the children and with minor housework. And your au pair can also be a big help should you wish to take him or her with you on your holiday. With au pair support, you can spend some time relaxing on the beach, reading a book or going out for dinner while your au pair is taking care of the children.

Uwe Regenbogen: "Now is an ideal time to register" 

According to Uwe Regenbogen, founder of AuPairWorld, “Now is an opportune moment to register, if you are a family who wishes to host an au pair over the summer months. Young au pairs from all over Europe are presently seeking host families in which to work during the summer months.” We wish you good luck on your search of your summer au pair!

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Editor's note: If you already have been able to gather some experience with a summer au pair or if you have been an au pair yourself during the summer months, we would love to hear from you! Send us your summer au pair story (along with some photos if you would like) to Click here for more information. Have fun sharing your experience! We will be delighted to receive further suggestions.

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