AuPairWorld is now safer than ever before

(26 June 2014) As of today, the pages of AuPairWorld are SSL encrypted. This allows us to provide our services at an even higher safety level.

Do not be surprised: as of today, our URL will change in your browser bar whenever you visit AuPairWorld. "http" will become "https". Thus, you will know that you are communicating within a protected space whenever you use our site. The so-called SSL encryption used here guarantees the privacy of communication between your browser and our web servers, preventing unauthorized access by third parties. At the same time, the element "https" will show you that you are surfing the original pages of AuPairWorld and not a fake website. Therefore, it truly pays to take a closer look at your browser bar in more than one respect!

By the way: SSL encryption is only one of the many safety measures on AuPairWorld. For many years, we have constantly been improving our website in terms of safety, content and attractiveness - and we certainly will continue to improve our standards in the future.

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