For au pairs headed to Australia: New online course

(21 March 2016) Each country presents special challenges to au pairs. At AuPairWorld we are now collaborating with the Australian childcare training experts at Sitter Train to bring AuPairWorld au pairs a 6-hour online training course that covers key topics of child safety and au pair arrangements “Down Under”.

Sitter Train's “Au Pair Essentials” course features six hours of lively and informative online instruction – just what an au pair needs to be able to handle all the challenging aspects of an au pair stay in Australia.

The course helps au pairs understand the needs of children at different ages and how to always keep them safe in all kinds of different situations both indoors and outside in Australia. The course has lots of video material showing real Australian families with their children in everyday situations. Each of the six units in the course ends with a quiz. When au pairs have successfully completed the course they receive a “Certificate of Completion” to document their training to potential host families.

A great course for au pairs, a great course for host families

Good preparation benefits everyone involved in an au pair stay. The Sitter Train course can be booked directly by au pairs (with an added benefit of early practice in understanding Australian English in the videos).

It is also possible for Australian host families to book the course for their future au pair and give it as a present – a nice welcoming gift that helps a family's au pair be well prepared for the upcoming stay.

Special offer

Typically au pairs have to pay 70 EUR to do the course. In a special arrangement with AuPairWorld, Sitter Train is making the course available to AuPairWorld users for just 49 EUR. And the best news of all: In a one-time introductory offer the course only costs 39 EUR, a terrific bargain available now for au pairs or host families!

Find out more about the course. It might be just the thing to get your Australian adventure off to a perfect start or give your next au pair an added preparation bonus.

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