EU-8: No work permit needed anymore in Germany and Austria!

On 1 May 2011, the transitional arrangements for the member states that acceeded to the European Union in 2004 expire.  Au pairs from the new member states will be granted freedom of movement.

Citizens of the 2004 accession countries will be granted unrestricted freedom of movment for workers. These countries, the so-called EU-8 states, are: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithunia, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

As part of the freedom of movement for workers, citizens of those countries are entitled to work in any other EU member state. For au pairs from the EU-8 states this means that they no longer need a permit to work in any EU country.

Background: During the seven-year transitional phase, there have been restrictions in some old EU countries with regard to the employment of citizens of the new member states. In recent years, only Germany and Austria have kept up those restrictions. As from 1 May 2011, these restrictions will be lifted. The only exceptions will remain Romania and Bulgaria. Citizens of those two countries will only be granted freedom of movement from 1 January 2014.

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