Being an au pair is not the right thing for me: What shall I do now?

Question of the week (22 November 2010). During her stay in England, Zuzana from the Czech Republic realised that being an au pair was not the right thing for her. However, she did not want to cause her kind host family any trouble. Thus, she wondered what she should do.

Dear Support Team of AuPairWorld,

I found a family through your website and have already been there for three weeks. The problem is that I realised that being an au pair is not the right thing for me. What shall I do now? My host family is very kind and I do not want to let them down. But I am absolutely not happy. Best wishes,

Zuzana K. from the Czech Repbublic

Our Support Team's Reply

Dear Zuzana, I am sorry to hear that being an au pair is not exactly the right thing for you! However, you should not rush things at the moment. Try to talk to the family and explain the matter to them. If you are honest about the whole thing, they will understand. Give them some time to find a new au pair. You might even be able to help them on their search.

Tell them that you still had a great time and that it doesn't have anything to do with them. You may also offer to come and see them again, for example. Furthermore, please do not forget to deactivate your profile on AuPairWorld, in order not to receive any further applications. Best wishes

Your AuPairWorld Support Team

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