How can I find my profile in the search lists?

Question of the week (20 December 2010). Host father Victor L. from Belgium created a profile on AuPairWorld. However, he was not able to find it in the search lists. He wonders: Why is that?

Dear Support Team,

We registered as a host family at AuPairWorld some weeks ago because we need an au pair for our two sons. At first we took a rough overview of the offer. Afterwards, we began to search intensively as we need an au pair by February. Therefore, we upgraded to Premium Members.

In order to see how high our profile ranks in the results list of the au pairs, we tried to search for our profile by using the "Find a Family" option on your website. Unfortunately, our profile did not appear in the search lists at all. Do you know why?

Kind regards,

Victor L. from Belgium

The Support Team's Reply

Dear Victor L.,

Thank you for your email. I'm sorry that your profile is not displayed in the search lists. But there is no need to panic: You can change that easily! With a couple of tricks you can affect the rank of your profile in the search lists of the au pairs.

The most important thing is to log into your profile as often as possible. Only actively used profiles are displayed in the search lists. Users who do not log into their profiles for 2 weeks are automatically out of the lists. Most probably that was the reason in your case when you did not find your profile.

Another factor that affects the rank of your profile in the search lists is whether you respond to your standard messages or not. Please remain active in this regard!

Pay attention to the start date when the au pair is supposed to begin. Rule number 1: the start date should be in the future. Otherwise, our system will automatically assume that you have already found an au pair. In this case, your profile will not be displayed in the search lists either.

I hope that our tips were helpful and wish you good luck on finding an au pair!

Kind regards,

Your AuPairWorld Support Team

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