The choice of countries changes for au pairs

In the future, au pairs will be able to choose only five host countries in their profiles. Therefore, we advise our users to review their choice of countries.

Kassel (2 May 2011) – There will be a technical modification at AuPairWorld in the coming days. In the future, au pairs will be able to choose only five host countries. Therefore, it is highly advisable for users who already have a profile on AuPairWorld to review their choice of countries. Otherwise, the number of countries will be automatically reduced by our systems. Hence, only the first five alphabetically listed countries will remain. Au pairs who still need to register cannot indicate more than five countries from the outset.

Au Pairs will even benefit from the technical modification as host families often question the seriosity of au pairs who have chosen too many countries. And even our statistics support the benefit, too: more than 90 per cent of our users opt for one to three countries anyway. This increases their chance to find a host family on AuPairWorld.

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