AuPairWorld gets a new look!

(3 June 2013) AuPairWorld is to get a new look very soon. Smartphone and tablet users especially, will enjoy it. Get a glimpse of our redesigned website here.

The new design of AuPairWorld

Whether you are using a smartphone or tablet on the go, or sitting in front of your notebook, PC, Mac and so on: our redesigned website will make the use of AuPairWorld more comfortable and easier. Smartphone and tablet users especially, will benefit from the new layout as it will adapt to the navigation and configuration of desktop and mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and iPad. Laptop or PC users will enjoy as well, the greater clarity and choice of options. The new layout will be supported by current browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. 

Here you can log in As part of the new layout, you will find our navigation pane in the top section of your profile instead of the left-hand section. Contents within the navigation pane will be better arranged than ever before. For example, there will be individual menu bars for au pairs and host families. Furthermore, you will find your login bar in the top right-hand section of your profile. You will reach your personal area simply by logging into your profile. This will allow you to easily access your EasyFind, profile, messages and so much more.

Further benefits: My AuPairWorld, the personal pages available to logged in users only, have become clearer and more user-friendly. Whether you are; uploading photos, changing profile settings, checking new messages on the go, or simply searching for some information on the conditions of the au pair stay, it will definitely be worth having a look at AuPairWorld the next days.

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