New functions for your search for an au pair or a host family

(10 December 2015) You wish to host an au pair who can play the piano? Or are you rather searching for a host family in London? From now on, you can enter specific keywords in order to quickly find a matching au pair or host family. The keyword search is only one of a set of new functions which will help you render your search more efficient.


Use our new keyword search function in your EasyFind to find your au pair or host family more quickly. Simply type in your keyword into the search box to show all profiles which contain the very same term in the texts. Thus, you could search for au pairs who play tennis or host families living in Barcelona by entering those terms correspondingly.

Hide profile

Profil verbergenBeing able to hide profiles which do not match your requirements will also improve your search quality. Hidden profiles are no longer displayed in the EasyFind, for instance. As a result, you have a better overview and can avoid looking at the same profile which does not match your requirements over and over again. Profiles can be displayed again at any time.

Advantage for Premium 365 users

If you have opted for our Premium 365 model, you can have your profile sent out several times with the Daily Update. This allows you to notify matching au pairs about your new search.

We hope that our new functions will suit you. Feel free to send us your feedback.

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