A new .com domain for AuPairWorld

(23 June 2015) We've found a way to make things simpler for you (and for us). In the past we've worked with a wide range of Internet domains in different countries for our AuPairWorld website. Starting today, there's just one address for all our users all around the world in all our languages: www.aupairworld.com.

Technical problems might occur when moving to our new domain. Please be assured that we are working on them and apologise for any inconvenience.

New Domain adress

Our new domain address is simpler to type, easier to remember, and the same for users in every country around the world. And if you happen to use one of the old AuPairWorld addresses, don't worry. You'll be redirected automatically to the new central domain.

A new address in your browser window

So when you find yourself at https://www.aupairworld.com, don't worry. Even if it's unfamiliar at first, it's just where you should be! There you will find all the information and services that you know from AuPairWorld and that have made AuPairWorld the leading au pair agency in the Internet for au pairs and host families around the world. A new Internet address but the same first-class service you've come to trust and depend on from AuPairWorld. 

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