More au pairs and host families than ever before

In 2011, 162,000 au pairs and 49,000 host families registered on our site. These are the highest numbers of users ever registered on AuPairWorld.

The number of registrations has continuously been growing throughout the past few years: whilst 10,000 au pairs registered in 2003 on AuPairWorld, we have counted 162,000 from last year.

Interesting, indeed: 75 per cent of the au pairs who registered in 2011 were from Europe. The front-runners were: Spain, France, Germany and Italy. The ratio of interested au pairs from Northern and Southern America amounted to almost 15 per cent. 92 per cent of all registrations were carried out by young female users.

The number of registered families on AuPairWorld has also steadily been growing. Since 2005, it has more than doubled. Only in 2008/2009 we witnessed a slight decrease due to the global economic crisis. The most significant countries for AuPairWorld continue to be the United Kingdom, Germany and France. However, in terms of its size, Ireland is a length ahead: Here we count the highest number of host families in proportion to the country's population.

Since its foundation in 1999, 1.2 million persons worldwide have used AuPairWorld for their search of an au pair or host family. This flow is continuing. The number of users at AuPairWorld keeps growing in 2012. Thus, interested users have a great choice and good chances of finding a matching au pair or host family on our site.

We will keep you informed on significant facts and figures around the topic of the au pair placement. You will find more relevant information on this page shortly.

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