More information on France as a host country!

(30 April 2013) France is a popular host country which, due to its official regulations, requires thorough preparation on the part of au pairs and host families. Therefore, we have researched further information on France as a host country.

According to Clarisse, our expert on France, "Our latest research will help AuPairWorld users find their way around the complex but necessary administrative formalities for au pairs and host families in France even more easily. Clarisse provides you with new information on France as a host countryIn this context, it is important to know that the French government has not enforced any changes to legal requirements. However, we now provide more detailed information and are offering additional services concerning France as a host country."

For example, we can answer the following questions: 

The AuPairWorld Team answers more user questions on the topic 'au pair stays in France'. Enjoy reading! We wish you a wonderful and memorable au pair stay in France!

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