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(30th September 2013) Do you want to learn French, German or Luxembourgish; get to know another culture and look after children? Then why not become an au pair in Luxembourg? Do you come from Luxembourg and fancy hosting an au pair there? No problem! With our new info on host country Luxembourg, you will be well prepared!


It is not only in France that you can learn French. An au pair stay in the multi-lingual country Luxembourg also makes it possible. You can also learn German and Luxembourgish there. Alongside language learning, you will become a part of your host family as an au pair and can discover an intruiging culture and exciting new country. So, what are you waiting for? Find out more about the entry regulations and everything else that you need to know to become an au pair in Luxembourg.

Our new pages on host family Luxembourg talk au pairs and host families through all of the information step by step, right up to the arrival of the au pair. From working hours and pocket money to visa requirements, all of the information has been newly researched and structured in order to give you a hassle-free overview!

And for anyone that has already had an experience with or as an au pair in Luxembourg: Simply write an Au pair story about it. Here's how it works!

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