Easter: Which customs and traditions are familiar to you?

Easter is just around the corner. It is a feast which allows au pairs and host families to learn more from each other when it comes to cultures and traditions. Therefore, we would love to find out more about your Easter traditions.

Sara from our translation team, with the famous 'Torrijas'To get a few ideas, we have already asked our international AuPairWorld Team: in Poland, for instance, people soak each other with water on Easter Monday - sometimes even with buckets full of water. Opinions tend to differ when it comes to the origins of this Easter tradition. However, many sources describe it as a cleansing ritual. In France, on the other hand, things are rather staying dry: there, children are told that the church bells are flying to Rome on Good Friday to return home on Easter Monday. This explains why the church bells never ring up to Easter Monday. According to the tradition, the bells hide chocolate and sugar eggs for the children on their way back. In Germany and in the Netherlands, it is the Easter Bunny that is in charge of bringing goodies to the children. However, he does not only hide sweets but also boiled eggs painted in vivid colours. However, Sara, our Spanish colleague from our translation department, came up with the best tradition of all: she made a typical Spanish Easter dessert for us – Torrijas. Simply delicious! :-) 

Now it is your turn: As a host family, which of your traditions did you teach your au pair? Are there any particular customs you have adopted from your au pair? As an au pair, which are the traditions you have discovered in your host country or brought into your host family? Tell us more about it! Simply use our upload form. We will publish the best stories on AuPairWorld. We are looking forward to receiving your contributions! 

These are your replies:

"J'ai fêté Pâques au Québec l'an dernier. Les parents avaient simplement dressé une table avec plein de petites décorations et des chocolats..." Mélody, au pair from France click here to read more

"I don´t know how is Easter in England because in that time I came back to Canary Island for holidays. But in my family we usually are all together at my grandparent´s beach house, spending all day there, going to the beach,..." Nuria, au pair from Spain click here to read more

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