Join us! Donate to the children of Eastern Africa

(12th December 2011) Whoever becomes a Premium Member at AuPairWorld this week, equally helps children and refugees in Eastern Africa! AuPairWorld is giving 10 per cent of its weekly turnover to a relief project in Eastern Africa.

Dos niños sonriendo AuPairWorld has already donated to various relief projects for children in Pakistan and Haiti. Please help us in supporting children and refugees in Eastern Africa. Since the United Nations (UN) had declared that various regions in Eastern Africa were affected by famine in summer 2011, the situation has grown more acute for the population in the course of the year.

According to a press release issued by the UN refugee organisation UNHCR, merciless violence, the worst case of drought in 60 years and famine are forcing 3,000 persons daily in Somalia to flee to Kenya and Ethiopia. According to the UNHCR, up to 50 per cent of the children under the age of five are heavily undernourished. The various relief organisations state that more than thirteen million persons in the whole of Eastern Africa are affected by the catastrophic drought and famine.

Relief organisations are primarily focusing on food and water supply, vaccination campaigns and child protection. Whoever becomes a Premium Member this week, equally supports a relief project for Eastern Africa. We will naturally keep you updated about our donations this week.

Information about projects of different international aid agencies:
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