Anniversary competition: Here are the winners!

(2 October 2014) We have the winners for our 15th anniversary contest. We received a great assortment of creative photo submissions, and now our users have voted and selected the winners on the AuPairWorld Facebook page.

For AuPairWorld's 15th anniversary, we organised a photo competition based on the motto "AuPairWorld Around the Globe". It worked like this: We called on our users to send us a photo of themselves as an au pair or a host family, and to include something typical for their location as well as some connection to AuPairWorld in the picture. Beyond that, anything was possible.

More than 100 imaginative submissions reached us from au pairs and host families around the world. We uploaded all of the pictures to two galleries on our Facebook page. Voting for your favourite pictures took place there through 30 September. 

And now, here they are: Our lucky winners!

1st prize: A €500 travel voucher goes to both: 
Au pair Maria from Colombia and ...

Einsendung von Au Pair Maria aus Kolumbien




... host family Knappe from Denmark

Einsendung der Gastfamilie Knappe aus Dänermark




2nd prize: A Kindle Paperwhite Ebook Reader goes to both:
Au pair Suchi from Indonesia and ...

Einsendung von Au Pair Suchi aus Indonesien





... host family Guerrand from France

Einsendung der Gastfamilie Guerrand aus Frankreich





3rd prize: Amazon gift certificates for €15 go to ...
... these 11 winners: Au pair Jean from the Philippines
Au pair Kimm from the Philippines Au pair Kiara from Italy
Au pair Irene from Italy Au pair Danayi from Ireland
Au pair Binaria from Indonesia Au pair Thais from Brazil
Au pair Pablo from Brazil Au pair Soumaya from France
Host family Ahmed from Egypt Au pair Rachel from Canada

You can see all the submissions on our Facebook page in the Photo Gallery for Au Pairs and the Photo Gallery for Host Families

Congratulations to all the winners from AuPairWorld! We will be informing winners individually in the coming days. Also many thanks to everyone who sent photos and to the many others who took part in the contest by "liking" the entries! It was a great birthday present for us to hear from all of you! 

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