AuPairWorld: Best Year Contest Update

(13 February 2014) There is still time to enter and have the chance to win a nifty laptop bag in the AuPairWorld "Best Year of My Life" contest for au pairs. Entries will now be accepted until February 28. Here are all the contest details!

We're pleased to share a sampling of what we have been hearing and seeing from au pairs who have entered our "Best Year of My Life 2014" contest:

Picture collage with young woman and child, children at a fun fair, the earth held in two hands

Opening quotation markHere is something that makes me feel that this is going to be the best year of my life. I signed an Au Pair contract with a German family 2 weeks ago. It is just amazing, right? I am not sure if it was just a matter of luck, but guess what? My family lives in Berlin, this town with internationalism and tolerance, lively nightlife, cafés, clubs, bars, street art, museums, palaces, and places of historic interest – you know what people say, “Berlin is the place to be.”Closing quotation mark

Opening quotation markQuiero poder disfrutar de un país desde dentro con la visión que un niño tiene de su propia ciudad. Los niños hacen que no solo un año sea especial, sino cada uno de los días del año.Closing quotation mark

Opening quotation markQuiero que este año yo no solo sea la persona que cuida de algún niño. Quiero ser esa persona que llegue a una casa y se convierta en un miembro más de la familiaClosing quotation mark

Picture collage with children playing with soap bubbles, an au pair with child on a trampouline, an illustration of a baby

Opening quotation markI'm going to Spain in September and I'm not just going there to be an au pair - I'm going there to be the big sister of two little wonderful kids. I'm going to teach them English and have fun with them and their parents. Besides I'm going to study Spanish when my siblings are at school.Closing quotation mark

Opening quotation markI like to get to know new people, cultures and have fun with them. That is the most important thing – have fun! Life is too short to worry about things which can disappear already tomorrow. I've decided to enjoy on the highest level. Closing quotation mark

Opening quotation markEspero que cada día que amanezca sea una aventura nueva para mí, desde disfrutar en casa con los niños y la familia, hasta pasear por la ciudad con mis nuevas amigas.Closing quotation mark

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