How to use the messaging system

Safe, personal and direct – the messaging system enables you to quickly find your au pair/host family.

Data protection 

The messaging system enables you to contact other users within the protected environment of AuPairWorld. Your contact information is never passed on to third parties. Naturally, you are free to give your own telephone number, Skype or email address to au pairs/host families. However, you decide when and with whom you exchange your details.

Messaging each other

Standard messages

Thanks to our standard messages, au pairs and host families can show their mutual interest in each other – regardless of whether one of them is a Premium Member or not.

Personal Messages

As Premium Members, host families can both send personal messages to au pairs and read personal messages written by au pairs. The same applies if au pairs, not host families, are Premium Members.

Au pairs can always write personal messages, no matter if they are Premium Members or not. However, these messages can only be read by a host family if either the au pair or the family is a Premium Member.

Usually, host families become Premium Members to enable both parties to exchange personal messages (Premium Conversation).

Tips for host families: How to contact au pairs through AuPairWorld.


All messages which are exchanged between an au pair and a host family form a conversation. Conversations are shown in the folders "Received", "Sent" or "Archive".

Premium Conversations

As soon as a Premium Member sends a message in a conversation, it becomes a Premium Conversation for both conversational partners. In other words, au pairs and host families can start exchanging personal messages.

Premium Conversations can be continued by both conversational partners, even after a Premium Membership has expired.

Received messages

Once you have received a reply or new application, you will find the related conversation in your "Received" folder.

You can do the following when you receive a message:

1. send a positive reply (continue the conversation) or
2. send a negative reply (end the conversation).

Sent messages

Once you have sent a message, you will find the corresponding conversation in your "Sent" folder.

From there, as a Premium Member, you can send messages to those you have already contacted. However, if you are not a Premium Member, but your conversational partner is, you can take advantage of their Premium Membership and send as many messages as you want to that particular person. Thus if your conversational partner is a Premium Member, you don't have to become one yourself.

Please note that you are only allowed to send a limited number of applications. An application is the first message sent to an au pair or a host family.

Knowing whether your message has been read

Once you have sent a message to an au pair or a host family, you can easily see whether your message has been read. An opened envelope in your "Sent" folder indicates that the message has been read, whereas a closed envelope in bold indicates that your message has not yet been read.

Closed conversations in the archive

Once you have read or sent a negative reply, your conversation is closed.

Therefore, closed conversations are automatically moved into the archive once read or sent. 


Frequently Asked Questions concerning the messaging system

I have received an email notification about a new message in my Received folder on AuPairWorld. However, when I log into my profile, I cannot find the new message. What is the reason for this?

It is not because of a technical fault that you are unable to find this new, unread message in your Received folder, but because...

  • a) You have already read the corresponding messages.

Our system regularly checks whether you have received new messages, and notifies you by email. However, because the system ignores whether or not you have logged into your profile in the meantime, sometimes you are notified of new messages after you have already read them on AuPairWorld.

  • or b) Your conversational partner has deactivated his or her profile in the meantime.

A user may have sent you a message and then deactivated his or her account before you log into your profile again. If this is the case, you may be sent an email notification but the respective conversation is deleted from your Received folder as soon as the user's account is deactivated.

Should I write my messages or applications to French au pairs / families in English or French?
All my standard messages appear in English, but every time I write my personal message in French your system underlines it in red. 

Standard messages (applications) are always displayed in the language of your computer's browser. After your message has been sent and received, it is displayed in the default language of the receiver's browser. (Thus, your standard message is automatically translated). So, in your case, our system has automatically displayed the standard text in English according to your browser and the French au pair / family would read the same text in French (provided French is the language of their browser). However, personal texts that you wish to attach to standard messages are not translated by our system. Therefore, for these personal texts, and any other subsequent personal texts you send, you can choose the language in which you prefer to communicate.


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