How do I plan my trip?

You have found your perfect host family in your favourite host country? So now, you can start planning your trip. Here are some useful tips so that you can be best prepared for this exciting adventure!

First, get to know your host family well enough by chatting on the phone or on Skype and do not forget to sign an au pair contract with them. Have you also checked whether you meet all the requirements of the host country you have chosen? Then, it's time to carefully plan your trip. We have summarised the main aspects you should consider to the following points. Follow our tips to foresee the unforeseen! 

1. Get through the red tape

  • Now that you have signed a contract, go through all the administrative steps you need to take before starting as an au pair. You might need a visa or a working permit to be allowed to stay and work in the host country. But don't worry, with AuPairWorld giving you all the necessary information on the au pair requirements, it's a walk in the park!
  • You should also make sure that you have all the insurances needed for your stay abroad. Usually, the host family is to take them out for you. Discuss this aspect with your host family beforehand so as to be on the safe side!

2. Book your ticket and get to know your host country

  • It's time to book your flight! We would recommend you buy a so-called open ticket. It might be a bit more expensive but it's worthwhile – it allows you to choose your return date and could therefore be useful should you have to return home in case of a family emergency or if you do not get along with your host family. It is usually the au pairs who have to bear the costs of their travel.
  • How good are your foreign language skills? Do you feel comfortable with the language spoken in your future host country? Bear in mind that you will need to be able to understand the children of your host family. You might want to attend a language course before your departure and should also start looking for a suitable language course in your future host country.
  • How much do you know about your host country and its culture? Be curious and discuss the cultural differences with your host family. They will probably be pleased to tell you more about their habits and traditions. There will certainly be much for you to discover and many exciting places to visit!

3. Now it's time to pack! 

You are now ready for the big adventure and about to leave? Well, then, it's time to pack. Don't forget the essentials:

  • some money for your daily expenses and for unforeseen situations,
  • your mobile phone so that you can buy a sim card after your arrival and pay less for inland calls,
  • your passport, driving licence and other official documents you may need,
  • the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your relatives, friends, etc., not only to keep in touch but also to be on the safe side,
  • the address and phone number of your embassy or consulate in the host country as well as the contact details of a couple of hotels, youth hostels and other accomodation options in the region of your host family should you need some help or a place to stay, should something go wrong.
  • Don't forget to ask your host family for their contact details and to give them yours! And why not take the AuPairWorld contact details with you as well? We'll be glad to help you should you need some advice during your stay!
  • Don't forget to pack your medication, (if needed), and to ask your host family whether you will have the possibility to buy the same in their country if you can't bring enough for the duration of your stay.
  • And last but not least, why not bring along a small present for your host family? A speciality from your host country or a bag of sweets for the kids? Not only will it help to break the ice but the children will probably also warm to you straight away ;)

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