How do I change host families?

Are you thinking of changing host families but don't know how to or don't know what you need to think about? Don't worry: we're here to help!

Before you do anything, ask yourself why you actually want to change host families: Are you home sick? Did it just not work out with the family? Did you both have different expectations from the au pair stay? Before you make your final decision, have a talk with your host family. Most problems can be sorted out a lot more quickly than you think. 

If, after you have spoken to your family, unavoidable problems still remain, the best solution is probably for you to change families, which isn't as difficult as it may first may seem. The following tips will make it easier for you to organise the change.

  1. Let your family know that you want to resign. It would be best if you organise changing to a new family with your current host family.
  2. Stick to the notice period outlined in your contract. In most countries the standard period of notice is around two weeks. You will need this time to find a new family, just as your host family will need it to find a new au pair.
  3. Once you have discussed this change with each other, you can start searching for another host family on AuPairWorld. To do this, either reactivate your old account or re register. Remember that you need to enter the current date into your profile. You should also write in the texts on your profile that you are already in the host country. By putting in the correct start date, you will appear in the EasyFind of host families that are looking for au pairs at this moment in time. Of course, suitable host families will also appear in your EasyFind.
  4. Before you start contacting new families, ask yourself honestly why it didn't work out with the last family: What exactly was missing? What should be different next time? Make sure you know what your expectations are and exchange them with your family. Living together will only work well if your expectations are mutual and clear. 

    If you search for a family from the host country that you are currently in, you will be able to get to know your new host family personally before starting the au pair stay. In general, though, changing families is relatively easy for au pairs from within the EU to organise. Seeing as you don't need a visa, you can organise travel to another EU country fairly easily. Let the immigration authorities know that you have changed families so that you can stay in the country legally. This is particularly important if you need a visa to be in your host country.
  5. As soon as you have found a new family and you have discussed all of the important aspects of the move, you can arrange your departure from your current family. 

Has your host family said that you have to leave tomorrow? We have compiled an action plan specifically for these situations. Also bear in mind that if you have any problems, you can always ask us for advice.

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