Changing au pairs - what now?

Are you thinking of giving your au pair notice? Or has your au pair told you that they want to resign? Do you need a new au pair in a hurry? Don't worry: we are here to help you organise changing au pairs.

Before you do anything, ask yourself why things aren't working out with your au pair: Are they not carrying out their tasks correctly? Do they not speak your language well enough? Do you just not suit one another? Before you make a decision, have a talk with your au pair. Most problems can be sorted out more simply than it seems at first.

If there are still unnegotiable problems after you have spoken to your au pair, it is probably for the best that you search for a new au pair. It isn't actually as complicated as it first may seem. If your au pair has told you that they want to resign, try not to react too emotionally. Of course this isn't an easy situation for you but try to remember that many of the young people who become au pairs have never been so far away from home for so long. 

The following tips will make it easier to organise the change of au pair:

  1. When giving your au pair notice of dismissal, prepare this change with care. If possible, work together with the current au pair in arranging their change to another host family or in planning the au pair's trip back to the home country. 
  2. Stick to the period of notice agreed to in the au pair contract. In most countries, this is around two weeks. You will need this amount of time to find a new au pair, just as your au pair will need it to search for a new host family.
  3. Once you have discussed the change with your au pair, you can start searching for a new au pair on AuPairWorld. To do this, reactivate your old profile or re-register. It would be best if you become a Premium Member so that you can start writing personal messages to au pairs straight away. Now you need to make sure that the start date on your profile is the current date. You should also write in your texts that you are looking for an au pair to start as soon as possible. By putting the correct start date, you will appear in the EasyFind of au pairs who are looking for a host family right now. Suitable au pairs will also appear in your EasyFind. 
  4. Before you start contacting new au pairs, ask yourself why it didn't work out with the last au pair: What was missing? What should be done differently with the new au pair? Make sure you know what your expectations are and exchange expectations with the new au pair. Living together will only work well if your expectations are clear and mutually shared. 

    If you search for an au pair who is already in your country, you will probably have the opportunity to meet them personally before signing a new au pair contract. But that doesn't mean that you necessarily have to search for an au pair who is already in your country. Au pairs from other EU countries can become an au pair inside the EU very quickly. As EU au pairs do not need a visa, they can arrange travel to another EU country without problems. Au pairs that are already in your country must also stick to their notice period. Make sure that you inform the authorities of the change of au pairs so that the au pair can stay legally in your country. This is especially important if the au pair needs a visa to be in the country.
  5. As soon as you have found a new au pair and have discussed the most important details with them, you can arrange the departure of your current au pair and the arrival of your new au pair.

Has your au pair suddenly announced that they are leaving you tomorrow? We have created an action plan specifically for these situations. Bear in mind that you can always ask us for advice. 

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