Au pairing is a cool, cheap, flexible and well-proven way to organise a Gap Year. And what's a Gap Year? Find out all about it here.

What's a Gap Year?

You do a Gap Year when you decide to take time off from school or university to pursue other experiences and adventures and learning opportunities.

How does a Gap Year work?

A Gap Year involves stepping away from your planned educational track and consciously choosing something different for a defined period of time.

Why should you do a Gap Year?

  • To open up your mind.
  • To learn a new language.
  • To discover your true interests.
  • To develop new life skills.
  • To get ready for your next step (whatever it is).
  • To have fun and make great friends.
  • To improve your job prospects.

A Gap Year and au pairing - What's the connection?

When you decide to become an au pair, you are going outside the limits of traditional educational structures to gain new abilities and insights for your future - just like with other Gap Year experiences.

And you can gain the same great benefits:

  • New cultural skills
  • Enhanced language abilities
  • Greater self-confidence and general competence

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