What do we need to bear in mind if we wish to host an au pair?

To prepare for the stay of your au pair in the best possible way, you should gather sufficient information on the regulations of your country governing au pair placements. You need to bear in mind that it is always the regulations of the host country which apply to your au pair. Our Info host countries section provides more detailed information on the number of working hours and the amount of pocket money in the different host countries. Additionally, there are practical issues you need to consider, for instance the question of whether you can offer an individual room to your au pair.

You should discuss the future tasks of your au pair beforehand and draw a weekly rota together. Our tip: if possible, take a few days off to help your au pair get used to his or her daily working routine. Should you be a single parent, you also need to bear in mind that, in order to be able to host an au pair, at least one of your children should permanently be living in your household.

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