Would it be a good idea for us to host an au pair?

  • You would like to have a helping hand with childcare? 
  • You have at least one child younger than 18 years living with you? 
  • You are prepared to host an au pair, treat the young person like a fully integrated family member for the period of the au pair stay and give him or her an idea about the culture and language of your country? 
  • You can offer an individual room to your au pair and bear the costs of pocket money, board and insurance?

If you answered all these questions with "Yes", having an au pair might be just the thing for your family. The au pair will help you take care of your children and take over minor household tasks. This unique cultural exchange allows you and your au pair to gain a lot from each other.

It is important that you choose an au pair who really matches your family. After all, the au pair experience involves an intense relationship that needs to be based on mutual trust. You will be entrusted with a new family member coming from a different cultural background. At the same time, you will entrust your au pair with your children. In this context, mutual respect, a thorough communication, clear rules and basic affinity are very important for a successful integration of your au pair into your family.

Please note: Au pairs are neither nannies, nor hired household helps. In contrast to a regular employment relationship, au pairs live with their host families like fully integrated family members, albeit for a limited period of time. Your au pair will share your daily routine and help you with minor household tasks, just as any other member of your family would. As a "big brother or sister", your au pair will usually become an important figure in the lives of your children. And just as your au pair will be learning a lot about a new language and culture, your family will also gain significant insights into the culture, language, customs and traditions of your au pair's country of origin.

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