Is au pairing the right thing for me?

  • You wish to get to know a different culture and explore a foreign country?  
  • You intend to improve your language skills in your host country and gain new important experience for your personal and professional future? 
  • You love caring for children?

Should you have answered these questions with "Yes", au pairing would be just the thing for you. The Info host countries section will help you thoroughly get to know the culture and language of your host country. At the same time, you will live with your host family like a "big brother or sister for a defined period of time", having close persons who support you while you are abroad.

Au pairing entails much joy and fun, however, also a great deal of responsibility, especially when it comes to childcare. Therefore, it is very important that you love to assume responsibility and are not afraid of new challenges. After all, it can be very life-enhancing for an au pair to tackle challenges. You will get a more detailed overview of the au pair experience by reading our Au pair stories our au pairs and host families have sent us.

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