I can't send any more applications. What should I do?

As part of our Quality Assurance Measures, you can only send a limited number of applications within a certain period of time. Instead of receiving a vast number of random messages, our users should only be receiving serious applications from suitable au pairs and host families, mainly because too many messages means an unnecessary amount of extra effort and expense for our users. The limit is only enforced for applications, (these being the first message that an au pair or host family receives). Thus, you can continue to send as many messages in ongoing conversations as you want. 

The maximum amount of applications you can send is calculated on an individual basis, and depends on how many you try to send over a set period of time. We recommend that you regularly log into your profile to see when you can start sending applications again. Or simply become a Premium Member to send 4 times the amount of applications that regular users can send. 

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