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Answers to frequently asked questions about your host family search can be found here:

How do I know if the host families displayed are still searching for an au pair?

AuPairWorld ensures the quality of the search results through a number of measures. To ensure that only profiles of those host families who are currently actively searching for an au pair, are displayed, the following conditions apply:

  • Only profiles with a current start date or a start date in the future are displayed. Profiles with start dates which lie in the past are not shown.
  • Only host families who have logged into their profiles within the last 14 days are displayed in the lists. We presume that these are families who are still looking for an au pair, even though there might be a few among them, who have already found someone.  
  • Profiles of families who have already found an au pair are manually deactivated  by the family or the AuPairWorld team.  
  • Families who have too many unanswered messages are equally not displayed.

Should you notice that a host family is not actively looking for an au pair, please inform us. We appreciate our users' support in helping make AuPairWorld the most trusted online au pair agency.

Are these host families genuine?

Over the years, Aupair Wolrd has steadily been developing various security measures to ensure the quality and reliability of the data provided on our website. Checking profiles is one of them, and contrary to what you might think, many of these checks are done automatically  by our systems. However, the biggest part is manually done by the AuPairWorld Team. Read more about AuPairWorld's security measures.

As an au pair, you can do a lot to find out whether the families you are contacting are genuine or not.

If you have any doubts about a family, stop the contact at once and then contact us. We will be glad to look into the matter for you or take further steps.

How are my search results sorted?

All families in the search lists are listed in the order of their last login. This way, everyone will have the chance to be at the top of the list if he or she regularly logs in and answers received messages.

How can I obtain the best search results?

Profiles displayed in your general search results will only give you a general overview of the host families registered on AuPairWorld. Their search criteria do not necessarily match your own personal preferences.

For more refined search results, we recommend you to use your EasyFind, your personal search function. It shows you all matching profiles according to the number of consistent criteria. Thus, using your EasyFind for your search is the easiest way to find the host family who suits you best.

How do I find my own profile?

After the registration and even during the course of their search for a host family, some au pairs search for their own profiles in order to make sure that they have done everything correctly and that their profile will be found by the families. For this purpose, you need to stand in the shoes of a host family whose profile corresponds with the criteria you indicated in your own profile.

After clicking on "Find an au pair", use the answer "We live in" to indicate the country that you wish to go to, and "We are looking for an au pair in" to indicate the country in which you as an au pair live in. If you wish to find your profile on the first pages, please remember to log into your profile first. The profiles are sorted according to the last login, the most recent at the top.

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