Continued success for au pairs and host families using AuPairWorld for their search

Thomas from Germany, Berlin, shares his au pair experiences from the past few years with AuPairWorld. "Our family, that's Anthony, 6 years old, Leonie, 5 years old, and their two fathers, Martin and Thomas."

For more than 2 years now we've had great experiences with au pairs found through AuPairWorld,
and we'd like to share our experiences with you. 

The search for our first au pair begins

Our family, that's Anthony, 6 years old, Leonie, 5 years old, and their two fathers, Martin and Thomas, live in a family house in a green area in inner city Berlin. We as parents work a lot and therefore don't always manage to take or pick up our little ones from nursery or school. Therefore just over 2 years ago now, when Thomas started working again, we came across the idea of au pairing and decided to five it a go.

In 2012 we found au pair boy J. who suited us really well

After searching on the internet for au pair agencies and the like, we stumbled across and decided to try our luck. In 2012 after a relatively quick search we found a young girl from near London and a young man from Brisbane, who both seemed appropriate for us. We invited the girl to come and stay with us for a short amount of time, so that we could get to know her better. During this meeting at our house in Berlin it unfortunately became clear that we weren't that well suited to each other, and so we turned her down. With the boy from Australia such a last minute trip to get to know one another obviously wasn't possible. Therefore we skyped him all the more and finally picked him up from the airport in early March. J. stayed with us for a whole year and we were perfectly happy with him throughout his stay, as it seemed he was with us, judging by the tears that came with his departure. And so, after J.'s departure, it was once again time to turn to AuPairWorld in search of our next au pair. 

Unfortunately things didn't go so well with our next au pair boy

This time we didn't have an au pair girl in our shortlist of au pairs who appealed to us, but a young American boy instead. He already lived in Berlin, so it was a lot easier to arrange meeting him. B. from California then went on to take over from our beloved J. from Brisbane. Naturally AuPairWorld can't make any character assessments or assess the suitability of certain au pairs, but B. unfortunately did not fit in with our family. Even on his first day here in Berlin he slept at his girlfriend's  - we should have seen it coming. In the end we came to the mutual agreement of putting an end to B.'s stay before the end of his contract. 

We're now using AuPairWorld again to search for our fourth au pair - maybe we'll have an au pair girl this time!

And once again, at the start of May, AuPairWorld was back on the scene helping us find our third au pair boy, this time from Northern England. P. has been with us just over a year now and will soon be leaving us as planned. Both our family and P. have enjoyed the time P. has spent with us, which we'll never forget. Due to his upcoming departure we are actively searching here on once more for our next au pair - maybe this time we'll find a suitable girl! This website is ideal for families searching for an au pair who suits them. Whilst reading other au pair stories I came across horror stories, which I never could have dreamt up myself. Fortunately for us we were spared from such experiences, as we've relied on this site from the start. 

The way AuPairWorld operates, without expensive agency fees etc. is the way things should be done!

We've found someone quite quickly every time. The fact that they're not always the right one for your family - that's life sometimes! But in such cases AuPairWorld comes to the rescue once again, as you can always quickly find another lovely boy or girl, and all that without expensive agency fees etc. One important reason allows them to do thisthe majority of au pair agencies only intervene and charge fees as a quick way of making money. With AuPairWorld, families and au pairs get the chance to: introduce themselves to one another and discuss important criteria for the au pair stay; arrange meeting each other before the stay, to find out how well they suit each other; and finally to sign a contract which lays down everyone's mutual expectations. Exactly how taking on an au pair should be done!

I hope that in our third year with AuPairWorld we once again find a good au pair, and wish this website continued succes for all au pairs and families using it for their search!

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