Useful tips for your testimonial

On AuPairWorld, you can publish your testimonial as a text, photo story or video. Share your personal experience with other users and let them know about the things you wished to have known prior to your au pair's arrival.

Create your very own and individual testimonial

Which are the topics I should address?

All roads lead to Rome which means that there are different concepts and ways to share your experience. For instance, you could use one of our following popular topics for your story.

My top 10 list  including the most exciting aspects of the au pair stay:

  • 10 things we loved,
  • 10 things we will miss,
  • 10 aspects in a host family's life,
  • 10 activities we shared with our au pair,
  • 10 tips for prospective host families,
  • 10 locations characterising the year we spent with our au pair,
  • 10 valuable things we learnt.

You can certainly add many more ideas to this list if you wish.

Our au pair experience illustrated by four photos – Choose four photos which best describe your au pair experience and write about what they show and mean to you.

Ask your au pair for an interview – In this context, you could talk about topics such as discovering the country, cultural exchange, home sickness, safety, being your au pair's second family for a defined period of time, etc.

Describe one day or one week as a host family – Here, you will certainly find many things you wish to talk about, including leisure activities, getting in touch with other au pairs and host families. What was your impression of this cultural exchange between you and your au pair? Which were the changes hosting a new family member brought about with regard to your daily routine?

Choose your favourite medium: photo, text or video – Express yourself by uploading photos, text or a video on YouTube. However, you need to ensure that you ask your au pair wthether they give you their permission before you send us the relevant details for publication on the Internet. They have all rights to images or videos displaying their person.

Do you need more inspiration? Here you will find some useful tips:

  • What did you expect from your au pair experience and were your expectations satisfied?
  • What was the relationship like between your au pair and children and which were the activities they shared?
  • How did you support your au pair in terms of culture shock and home sickness and which were the solutions you found?
  • Did you manage to give your au pair a first hand impression of your country? Did you travel together? Which were the places you saw?
  • To what extent did the language skills of your children and au pair improve? Which particular language did they use for communication?
  • Can you provide any useful tips for prospective host families? There are many topics such as travelling and flight, creating bank accounts, communication, settling down, special needs concerning meals, duties, shopping, must-do's, etc.
  • Did you write a blog describing the most beautiful moments of the au pair stay or did you make a video?
  • Have you already scheduled your au pair's next visit to your family?

Here is how you send us your testimonial

Please send your testimonial to by email. We are looking forward to reading your tips and impressions based on your personal experience as a host family. Please do not forget to include: your name, country and town or region where you live. Go right ahead, enter your text and enjoy sharing your experience!

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