I had a fantastic time as an au pair

Michelle from UK came as an au pair to France, Annecy. She had a great time and got to know her husband there. Now they have a daughter, living in Annecy.   

I'm originally from England and now live in Annecy, France. I decided to become an Au Pair in the French Alps to learn French, when I arrived I had very basic knowledge of French but was unable to hold a conversation. I had a fantastic time as an au pair, during the daytime the children would go to a local nanny and the school and I was free to attend French lessons and ski. 

Michelle and her kids

My main role: to look after the children

My main role was to look after the children during the mornings and evenings, plus cook the evening meal and do the food shopping. The family were very welcoming, they spoke fluent English and were able to help me with my French homework.

It ended up falling in love

Whilst working as an au-pair I made lots of friends with local French people, I ended up falling in love and now, 5 years later I am married with a little girl and another baby on the way! Becoming an au pair was the best decision I've ever made as it's led to so many more wonderful things, I managed to reach my goal of speaking fluent French, plus so much more. I'm still in touch with the family I used to live with and now only live 15 minutes away!

Michelles daughter

There is a large community of Au-pairs in Annecy 

I would strongly recommend coming to Annecy as an Au Pair, there is a large community of Au-pairs here also a French school specifically for Au-pairs, it's also not far from Geneva, Switzerland where there is an international airport and lots of things to see. There are also many ski resorts in the region and loads of great things to do here. 

Photos of my two families in Annecy

 I've attached a few photos. There are two photos of me with my now husband during my time as an au pair, a photo of my daughter next to Lake Annecy and a photo of the children that I used to be an au-pair for, with my daughter - also in Annecy (see above).  

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