Becoming an au pair in Finland
Au pair Evelina: what a lovely birthday surprise!

This is our shortest testimonial. It is nevertheless quite impressive: Evelina, an au pair from Jokkmokk, Northern Sweden, started her stay as an au pair in Finland on her birthday. Find out what happened when she met her "new family".

Au pair Evelina on a playgroundHey, hey! On July 29, 2011 I sat on the flight from Luleå to Porvoo, Finland. It was my birthday. What I did not know was that my "new" family would be there with balloons and a really warm welcome. When we got home, I calmed my nerves, I was standing in the hall and was waiting for the green light to go in!

Evelina and a part of her new family.In the kitchen there was a freshly baked cake and gifts, in the package I got was a cozy blanket, but the funny thing was that when I rolled it out to check on it .. a little note fell down. At first I thought it was something that belonged to the blanket ... but it was a ticket to Rihanna's concert - On the beach in Helsinki …

Getting tears the first day in front of people you have never met before was strange but I was so happy and now, two months later, I still really enjoy my time here. This was my story and I hope I'll get more experience soon! Now I know what they mean, when other au pairs say: "the kids are testing me".  :D Hugs Evelina

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