Ana from Brazil as an au pair in Marlow / UK

Ana was an au pair in England in 2014. For her it was one of the most exciting and wonderful experiences of her life!

Au pair Ana

My name is Ana Paula, I am a Brazilian engineer, now 30 years old. 

I used to work for VW as an engineer, and in 2014 I decided to leave my job to learn English abroad. Looking for the families on AupairWorld, I found Angela, Ricardo, and their son Leonardo. I liked them since our first contact by Skype. And my intuition was not wrong.

Leonardo, a clever and lovely boy, was 3 when I moved to Marlow. Each day was special with him, and funny and joyful! I miss every single day. 
Angela and Ricardo, I have no words to describe, I felt at home. They are absolutely amazing people!! Treated me as part of the family. 

The town, Marlow, is inspiring, a beautiful place and very British. It is not possible not to feel in love. 
Also I could travel to many cities in England, and visit other countries.
Now, the family has another son, Max. And I am looking forward to meeting him! 

I am still in contact with them and hope to be able to visit this wonderful family soon!!

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