Why do I suddenly see fewer families in my EasyFind?

Question of the week (16 May 2011). Suddenly, au pair Denise B. finds fewer families in her EasyFind compared to a few days ago. Some families whom she was interested in have completely disappeared. "How come?", Denise asks. "I haven't changed anything in my profile".

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Dear AuPairWorld Team,

For some days now, there have been fewer families in my EasyFind. There were 26 families before and now there are only eight of them. Some families whom I was interested in have disappeared. I haven't changed anything in my profile. How come? What can I do?

Best wishes

Denise B. from France

The AuPairWorld Support Team's Reply

Dear Denise,

Last week, we undertook a technical modification. We have notified our users about this in their Daily Update and also published a piece of news on that issue.

The fact that you need to modify your country preferences in your profile is new. You may now only choose five countries. We have asked all au pairs to re-edit their profiles in this context. The AuPairWorld system has already undertaken the corresponding modifications for those persons, who have not done so. The system alphabetically kept the first five choices. Please check your profile again and adjust it according to your preferences.

Why this modification? A precise choice of countries offers you the following advantage. You decide which host country you wish to go to right from the beginning. Host families prefer au pairs to exactly know where they wish to go to. Although the range of choice decreases, the accuracy rate for both parties increases. You only need one match and so does the family.

Furthermore, having limited country preferences helps you to find out more easily if your wishes are feasible. May you become an au pair in the respective countries? Do you know the national language and are you able to get along well with the host family and their children? Having clarified these issues makes achieving your goal easier. We wish you luck in your search for a nice host family in your favourite host country!

AuPairWorld Support Team