Webinars and livestreams at AuPairWorld: Staying close with the community

Finding new ways to spread the word about au pairing is a central part of our mission at AuPairWorld. Silvia Bussang is our expert for live digital interaction with the AuPairWorld community.


Silvia and the webinar team from AuPairWorld at the studio
, in AuPairWorld News

As AuPairWorld's "eLearning Specialist", Silvia Bussang (center figure in the picture above) prepares webinars and livestream events to help AuPairWorld users make the most of their au pairing opportunities. She joined the AuPairWorld team in February 2016 and quickly set up a webinar studio and the extensive software necessary to broadcast live to the AuPairWorld community.

A personal connection to users

With webinars and livestreams AuPairWorld gets a more personal connection to its users. "It's a great thing," says Silvia. "We have a new kind of link to au pairs and host families. They can look us in the eyes, so to speak, and tell us what's on their minds."

Email and telephone, of course, remain a crucial part of how AuPairWorld communicates with its host families and au pairs. The webinars and livestreams give an added dimension to this communication. Indeed, AuPairWorld is currently the only au pairing company that offers this total package of user support and interaction: telephone, emails, webinars and livestreams. 

Webinars and livestreams: What's the difference?  

Silvia explains it this way: "Webinars provide a gathering place typically for people who have already registered at AuPairWorld. In the webinar sessions, they can pose individual questions about their own au pairing situations and learn from others in the AuPairWorld community. It's basically like meeting in a private virtual conference room." Webinars are conducted in various languages to help au pairs and host families feel comfortable and get the information they need.

And what about livestream events? "These are hosted through Facebook Live and broadcast simultaneously on Instagram Live. All in all, it's a more public sort of virtual gathering. Anyone can look in and we try to give more general information about certain au pairing topics. It's a great place for au pairing newcomers to get started." 

Recent Facebook Live events, for example have dealt with au pairing opportunities in the UK and how to be a summer au pair.

Connecting a community

Silvia sees great potential for the medium. "To be honest, we're just getting started with what can happen with video and live connections at AuPairWorld. It's such a great way to make contact with a community!"

As she explains, two things happen around these new communication channels. "For one thing we can deliver lots of information to different audiences and respond directly to their questions. For another, information and insights get exchanged between the users who are participating. It's great to see when au pairs are able to learn directly from each other in these forums."

Nothing like the real thing

But Silvia also sees a potential downside in the ease and immediacy of virtual contact. "Young people have so many channels to choose from they can sometimes get a little bit distracted," she remarks. Worst of all is when digital entertainment takes the place of real life experience. "Finally, everything we do here is dedicated to getting people out into a real adventure in a new and challenging environment. We don't want anyone to forget that." She laughs a little bit and continues: "So go ahead and register. And check your EasyFind!"

Your ideas

Do you have an idea for a webinar or livestream topic? Then get in touch with us. It would be terrific to get your suggestions at live@aupairworld.com.