New video series: "Au Pairing Made Simple"

We interviewed a German host mom together with her Danish au pair to get their first-hand tips about how to have a successful cooperation and a great au pair stay. 

Au pair Helena and her host mom Brigitte
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Au pair Helena and her host mom Brigitte were kind enough to spend some time answering our questions and explaining how au pairing works for them.

They talked about practical steps they've taken to get the most out of an au pair stay. And together they made it clear that for them au pairing is a great way for families and young people to support each other for mutual benefit and learning and fun.

New on YouTube

We've put together some segments from our interview with them in a new video series called "Au Pairing Made Simple".

In the first video, Brigitte and Helena explain what they did together to get Helena's au pair stay with the family off to a positive start:

Additional videos cover a range of au pairing themes such as "Tips for the Au Pair Interview" and "How to Handle the Au Pair Contract".

You can watch all of the videos from the "Au Pairing Made Simple" series plus lots of other interesting videos all about au pairing at the AuPairWorld YouTube channel.