Save au pairing in the UK - Sign the petition today!

Brexit could mean the end of au pairing in the UK. Sign a petition to help make sure that even in post-Brexit Britain, au pairing can continue as a popular and proven form of cultural exchange.

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A new petition "Save au pairing in the UK" calls on British and European negotiators of the final Brexit agreement to make sure that au pairing continues to be available even after Brexit:

  • So that young people from throughout the EU can continue to be au pairs in the UK 
  • So that UK young people can continue to be au pairs in EU countries
  • So that British families can have the multiple benefits that come with hosting an au pair
  • So that British society as a whole can continue to profit from being one of Europe's most popular au pair destinations

Keep au pairing available for future generations

All of this might cease to be available if Brexit negotiators don't manage to explicitly protect the status of au pairing in post-Brexit Britain. Clear arrangements need to be made to make sure that young people in the UK and the EU can continue to benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and UK families can continue to welcome au pairs to help with childcare.

Show your support by signing the petition. Help to save Europe's oldest existing cultural exchange programme for young people and families in the UK!

SIGN THE PETITION: "Save au pairing in the UK"