Our two millionth user: A new video featuring host family Franceschi in Lucca

Two million reasons to celebrate! On 1 July 2014 a team from AuPairWorld visited the two-millionth registered user at our website  – the German-Italian host family Franceschi in Lucca, Italy. We made a short film about a typical au pair day with the host family and their au pair Elisabeth. Now everyone can take a look at the result.  

, in Archive

Coming at the same time as AuPairWorld's 15th anniversary, a new video that features the  2 millionth user of AuPairWorld is going on line. It is now available for all our users in German, English and Italian versions.

Among the main protagonists: The kids Nicolas and Lilli and the city of Lucca

On June 30, two AuPairWorld employees journeyed to Lucca to spend a convivial day filming with the German-Italian host family Fabio Franceschi and Cathrin Wachsmann and their German au pair Elisabeth. Main protagonists in their life and in the film are their two children Nicolas (8 years old) and Lilli (4 years old), not to mention the beautiful city of Lucca itself. 

Experience from which we all can learn

Lots of planning and organisational work was done by the AuPairWorld team in preparation for the day of shooting in Lucca. But on arriving in Lucca and being received by the host family, all their expectations were exceeded. "It was perfect," reports Ellen Nickel, member of the AuPairWorld team. "Wonderful host parents, happy children, a very nice au pair, wonderful surroundings, a city with a special flair. And they all were totally open and friendly, sharing their experience and their suggesstions – from which we at AuPairWorld could learn a lot, too!" 

Understanding counts for a lot

To be sure, the family has had lots of experience hosting au pairs. Twenty-year-old Elisabeth from Unterfranken in Germany is their 13th au pair. Host father Fabio's tip: "What's important for us as a host family is that the au pair gets along well with the kids. For just about anything else, it's possible to find a solution." Cathrin Wachsmann points out that a host family shouldn't expect perfection from an au pair. Instead they should bring plenty of understanding to the new family member that is joining them for a stretch of time.  

A video for our users

And what is Elisabeth's conclusion about her au pair stay in Italy? "You gain self-confidence, you become more responsible and you learn to stand up for yourself. And an au pair stay also has advantages in your CV."  And now you can take a look for yourselves. Because finally it's for you, our users, that we traveled to Lucca and made the video. We hope you enjoy it!