How to turn bad situations into good ones

Those at the very beginning of their au pair adventure can draw on the knowledge of others, who have shared their experiences with AuPairWorld. From reading their testimonials - whether praiseworthy or critical - one thing is clear: by the end of the au pair stay a lot of new adventures and experiences have been had. Good times of course don't come without occassional problems, but the good news is, these are often easily resolved. The only question is how?

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The best solution is to learn from the experiences had by the AuPairWorld Team and of course our users, with our „Tips for tricky situations.“ From all the au pair stories we've received, we've picked out a series of conflicts typically arising during the au pair stay and categorised them into five different causes.

We primarily concentrated on how each of these host families or au pairs found solutions to their tricky situations, as the right solution often helped to provide a happy ending to the au pair stay. Of course there are lots of possible ways to resolve tricky situations. Maybe our examples will specifically help one or two of you during your au pair stay, or help you to think of possible solutions to other problems. It is however important to remember that, in the words of Albert Einstein „No problem can be solved with the same mindset through which it was created.“ 

But now to some of the tricky situations faced by our users: Let's start with an au pair story in which not all went well, despite the au pair doing lots of things correctly. Take a look at our tips for tricky situations, and if you have any solutions  to add from your own au pair experience, which aren't already on our website, then please send them to