Limited support on Easter

The AuPairWorld team wishes you a Happy Easter and says goodbye for the Easter break!

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Due to the Easter holidays, AuPairWorld will not be offering any phone support from 3 to 6 April 2015. There will be a limited email support for enquiries during this period of time. From 7 April we will be available for you again. We wish all our users a Happy Easter!

Easter around the world - do you know these traditions?

There is a large variety of traditions and customs in every country when it comes to the Easter celebrations. Germans, for instance, simply love to paint their eggs. On Easter Sunday, the Easter bunny hides all coloured eggs and sweets for the children around the house and garden. Find more useful information on some interesting Easter traditions provided by our au pairs and host families from all around the globe: This is how au pairs and host families spend Easter!