A dream summer job? Be a summer au pair in your favourite foreign country!

Have you already made plans for summer? How would it be to spend those months in a foreign land on a new adventure. Sound interesting? Then we have an idea for you!

Summer au pair
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Who hasn't dreamed of setting off in the summer to discover another country? Perhaps to enjoy a perfect pizza in the warm evening sun of Italy, or to walk along the endless beaches of the Spanish coast? Or a little bit of dancing in a typical English or Irish pub? And not to forget: Certainly it would also make sense in the summer months to do something that looks good on your CV, to get some global experience, and to improve your foreign language skills - right?

Often setting out on expeditions such as these is simply too expensive for many young people. A possible solution? A summer job that would facilitate the travel and finance your time abroad at the same time.

Examples of common holiday jobs:

  • Supervisors in holiday camps
  • Service staff in cafès, bars or pubs
  • Temporary help in the shops or supermarkets
  • Summer au pair

If you like being with kids and have fun taking care of them, then we have an idea for you Why not spend this summer as a summer au pair?

What would my responsibilities be as a summer au pair?

Your main task as a summer au pair is to take care of the children of your host family. In return for providing this service you get a set amount of pocket money plus your room and board living together with the family. Another special aspect of being a summer au pair: Often families need an au pair to provide care for the children during the summer school holidays which is also partly the family vacation time. There's a good chance therefore that you also might accompany your host family somewhere nice on their summer holiday trip. Mainly you would work mornings and afternoons while the host parents are at their jobs and the children would otherwise be in school.

An investment in your future

There are a whole bundle of benefits that come with a summer au pair experience: You get to know another country and can improve your foreign language skills. You take on serious responsibilities and are truly independent while at the same gaining experience you can feature on your CV. And if you happen to feel like you need some extra time to decide exactly what it is that you want to do with your future, then some time out in the big international world can give you lots of new ideas and possibilities to think about.

How can I be a summer au pair?

Set up a profile at AuPairWorld and then start your search for the right host family. To get ready, you can also get all the background info you need and details about entry requirements for your favourite countries in our section Info Host Countries. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to an amazing summer adventure with a family far away from home! Find out more today.