Summer Au Pair: Bella Italia is calling!

Going abroad to your favourite destination for one to three months: a shortened au pair stay often looks attractive to many students and school leavers. However, a short stay cannot always be easily implemented in all countries. Therefore, AuPairWorld is launching a series of topics on this issue. Today's article: Why the dream of becoming a summer au pair in Bella Italia may still work out!

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„We had a look at our statistics. Offer and demand of summer au pairs can considerably vary from country to country. However, not in Italy. Here, there was last year an almost constant ratio between host families and au pairs, who were actively searching", Joanna Smigiel, Head of the AuPairWorld Support Team, discloses.

The chances are more than good!

It's astounding: whoever wished to travel to Italy in 2010 to become an au pair for up to two months, had even better chances of finding a family than those, who had indicated a stay of up to three months during their search. In the former case, there were more host families, who were actively searching, than au pairs. In the latter case, offer and demand were very close. The lesson is clear: in Italy, the chances for summer au pairs are even better than good! „We cannot reassure everybody, who wishes to become a summer au pair. However, we can definitely reassure those, who wish to travel to Italy to work as an au pair“, Joanna affirms.

 Holiday period -- also for host families

The holiday period should also make you consider the following: as the summer au pair will possibly go on a holiday with his/her host family, he/she will often care for the children throughout the whole day during this time. Therefore, the best thing to do beforehand is to ask the host family if and where they are going to spend their holidays. After all, it is possible that the destination is a different country where a different language is spoken. 

Compare your schedules

Therefore, there is no guarantee that a person will be able to attend a language course throughout the entire stay as a summer au pair. Our tip for the preparations: the au pair's own schedules for the term and holiday time and those of the corresponding host country may differ. Thus, summer au pairs should always compare them prior to making the necessary arrangements. And then they can get ready for the adventure!

Note: If you were a summer au pair last year, we would be more than happy to receive your au pair story with one or more photos. Simply send them to: You will find more information here. Enjoy writing! We certainly appreciate your feedback.


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