Going to London for three months only

Question of the week (12 September 2011). High-school graduate Vanessa from Germany wishes to go to London for three months after finishing her exams. That would be exactly on 19 October. Is that feasible?   

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am very interested in a placement as an au pair, however, only for three months. My dream country is England and my favourite city is London or any place close to London. However, a language school should not be far. I would most preferably like to start on 19 October. Are my demands too specific or are they feasible? 

Best wishes,

Vanessa from Germany

Reply of the AuPairWorld Support Team

Dear Vanessa,

Having specific wishes and trying to make them come true is quite normal. However, according to our experience, a few factors could make it difficult to find a host family in London on such short notice:

1.) You narrowed down your search to London and the area around London. Great Britain is the most popular host country and English is the language number one in the world. Most young persons prefer to go to London. AuPairWorld has indeed many host families in the UK, but they do not all live in London as you can imagine. Many families live in different places all around the country.

  • How about living with a family in the country or any other city. If your aim is mainly to refresh your English, why not go to Ireland or a Scandinavian country? English is equally spoken in many families there.

2.) You have chosen the 19 October as your fixed start date. The probability of finding a family who is equally searching for an au pair to start on the same day is rather weak.

  • Be a bit more flexible about the start date and the end of your placement. Set a certain time span for your employment rather than a fixed date.

3.) You want to stay for exactly three months. According to our experience, more and more summer au pairs are searching for a host family and not the other way round.

  • Keep in mind that host families usually search for au pairs to stay for at least six months or, even better, for a whole year. Therefore, consider if you can imagine staying for six months. This would increase your chances enormously.        

Your wish of finding a language school close to your host family's home is certainly feasible. Ask your host family for their advice when it comes to  choosing the right language course for you. Finding a good language course is very important for your communication skills in your host country, as well as for your linguistic success.

We wish you good luck on your search and a nice stay,

Your AuPairWorld Support Team