How to search for a host family in coronavirus times

AuPairWorld has changed some platform functionalities in the last months to help au pairs and families search and match during the pandemic. Here are some things you can do to optimise your own search and find a host family more quickly and effectively.

Au pair searching on a laptop
, in Coronavirus

The only thing that has gotten easier during the corona pandemic is staying at home. But that certainly doesn't mean that's the only thing we want to do!

And looking further into 2021 - with the vaccine roll-out continuing and warmer weather coming - there are good reasons to be optimistic and start planning for your next big move.

Using the AuPairWorld platform with the following tips in mind will help you to find exactly the host family you're looking for and set the stage for your upcoming au pair stay.

Choose host countries that allow travel from your country

For nearly every country now, travellers from abroad must do a PCR test or a quarantine when they arrive. On top of this, if your country is currently a high risk area, you need to check if travelling from your country to your host country is allowed at the present time.

  • Before starting your search and writing to potential families, check the current travel restrictions for your preferred host countries and add or delete them from your search criteria accordingly. Check travel restrictions on a regular basis since they are changing from day to day.
  • In case you really want to travel to a certain host country, be flexible with the start dates. Maybe you cannot travel today, but if you are ready to postpone your stay until summer, then the situation may well have improved.

Travel restrictions per country

Here you can check the current travel restrictions in different countries to adjust your search criteria: 

Australia Austria Belgium
Canada Denmark Finland
France Germany Iceland
Ireland Italy Japan
Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Spain Sweden
Switzerland United Kingdom United States

Get vaccinated when you can

As young people, au pairs are not at the front of the line for receiving vaccinations, but as time goes on vaccinations will also be available for younger people. The decision whether to receive the Covid vaccination when it becomes available is, of course, something for you to decide on your own. But it is clearly the case that when you are vaccinated you will be better protected, and it should make travel and integration into a new situation with a host family easier and less complicated.

For au pairs already in their host country: Update the country you live in

Most au pairs are living in their country of origin, but there is also a group who may already be living in their chosen host country (after finishing a first au pair stay for example or for other reasons). When updating your profile, don't forget to enter the country where you are currently living. Families now have now a filter option to see which au pairs are already in their country and this could make it easier for you to find a family and start a new stay more directly.

Add your current city in your profile texts and use the keyword search

If you're already living in your host country, it also is useful to specify the city where you're living in your profile texts so that families can find you more quickly. You can use also use the keyword search in your EasyFind to identify potential host families in a city where you would like to have an au pair stay.

New solutions for difficult times

AuPairWorld is very much aware of the difficulties being caused by the coronavirus for families and au pairs. We want to use the resources of our platform to help our users find the best possible ways of handling this challenging situation.

We are available as usual with our Customer Support to answer your specific questions. Please feel free to contact us or read our section dedicated to au pairing and the coronavirus situation.