How to search for a host family in coronavirus times

With vaccination levels going up around the world, more and more young people are successfully arranging au pair stays and travelling to foreign destinations. You can too!

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Making your au pair stay a reality depends on searching for families located in countries that you'll actually be allowed to travel to. 

  • That means your first step is to find out which countries are eligible destinations for you given where you are from. 
  • Your second step is to think about getting vaccinated (if you can) - because this will make your movement across all borders much simpler - and will also make you safer while you're travelling.

Choose host countries that allow travel from your home country

For au pairs based in the EU or in EFTA countries 

As a resident of an EU or EFTA country (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland), you have a lot of possibilities in other EU or EFTA countries. With rising vaccination rates, it is currently possible for you to enter most of these countries with minimal difficulties, provided you are vaccinated. Check in the Travel Restrictions table below to be sure! 

For non-EU or EFTA au pairs 

For au pairs from other countries, you need to check on visa availability for your host countries of interest. A first step to do this is to go to the Info Host Countries page on the AuPairWorld website and look at the Entry and visa requirements section for the countries that you are interested in.

In a second step you can go to the foreign office website of countries that you would like to travel to. There you can check in more detail regarding regarding requirements for an au pair visa or some other type of visa that you might be eligible for. You can also check whether the country's embassy and consulate offices are currently open in your home country (which is where you will have to go take care of the visa formalities). In some cases, these offices may still be closed due to corona restrictions. 

For au pairs from both groups

With the general improvements in the pandemic situation worldwide, there are also other classic host country destinations that should be opening up soon for au pair stays. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA are all making progress towards opening up their au pair programs and relaxing existing travel restrictions. Check in Info Host Countries for information on how to arrange your stay. 

When you have a clear picture for which countries you could realistically obtain a visa or travel to visa-free, then you can enter this information into the search filter for your profile. Now you're ready to search effectively!

Stay up-to-date with travel restrictions per country

The following table gives current travel restrictions in different countries to adjust the search filters for your profile: 

Australia Austria Belgium
Canada Denmark Finland
France Germany Iceland
Ireland Italy Japan
Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Spain Sweden
Switzerland United Kingdom United States

Get vaccinated when you can

Vaccine availability varies widely from country to country. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where it is currently possible for young people to receive a Covid vaccination (most EU countries as well as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zeland in the meantime), then get the shots. This will make your trip easier and also make you more attractive to host families. A recent AuPairWorld survey shows that both au pairs and host families prefer to match with each other when the other party is vaccinated.

If you are from a country where vaccine availability is not so easy, then you could consider arranging with your host family to get a vaccination in your host country after you arrive if that is possible.

For all au pairs, it is clearly the case that if you are vaccinated it will make travel and integration into a new situation with a host family easier, safer, simpler and more fun. You can also include this information in your profile.

For au pairs already in their host country: Update the country you live in

Most au pairs are living in their country of origin, but there is also a group who may already be living in their chosen host country (after finishing a first au pair stay for example or for other reasons).

When updating your profile, don't forget to enter the country where you are currently living. Families now have now a filter option to see which au pairs are already in their country and this could make it easier for you to find a family and start a new stay more directly.

Add your current city in your profile texts

If you're already living in your host country, it also is useful to specify the city where you're living in your profile texts so that families can find you more quickly.


We hope that these tips will make it easier for you to find the right family for you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or read all the articles about the coronavirus and au pairing.