New: Faster and more flexible searching in EasyFind

Now you can adjust your search criteria directly in EasyFind and try out different search strategies more easily.

Search and Find with EasyFind
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By adjusting your search criteria, you can determine the number of profiles shown in your EasyFind. Change, for example, the nationality of the au pair, the duration of stay, or which host country you find interesting. The more flexible you are, the more results you'll get. You can change your search criteria short-term to see suitable profiles instantly, or you can save your search criteria to your profile to retain them long-term. 

New Filter: Profiles with Photos

Search criteria for your EasyFind

What's also new are the tags which appear when you search with a keyword or choose a certain filter. These can also be easily removed again with just one click. So now you can filter profiles even more quickly to find a suitable au pair or host family. For example, you can also make use of a filter feature to only view profiles that have photos.

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