Coronavirus: AuPairWorld opens its platform for matches between young people and families from the same country

A special new option for an emergency situation: AuPairWorld is opening its platform for same-country searches during the coronavirus crisis. 

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AuPairWorld has been exclusively dedicated to the idea of au pairing for more than 20 years – an idea that gives young people and families the chance to come together in the win-win situation of au pairing for international exchange and childcare support.

In the coronavirus crisis, our two users groups - families with children and young people seeking meaningful developmental experiences - are both struggling. 

  • With schools and daycare centers closing, families are in need of childcare help more than ever. 
  • With borders closed, travel options severely limited and universities and schools closed, young people are looking for ways to make a contribution and to be involved in meaningful activities in their home countries rather than abroad.

Search for babysitting and in-country childcare on the AuPairWorld platform

AuPairWorld wants to use its platform expertise to help both groups handle the coronavirus crisis constructively. With this aim, we are making the following changes:

  • Families will be able to search for young people from their own country to help with childcare and family management.
  • Young people will be able to look for families in their own localities and also in other cities in their own country to provide childcare services.

This is not business as usual. And this is not au pairing as we have enabled it over the last two decades. It is an emergency response to an emergency situation that is affecting countries all over the world. Payment, conditions and legal aspects for these arrangements should be decided fairly and communicated clearly between the participants. 


With same-country matching, families and young people living in the same locality can search for each other and match to plan traditional babysitting arrangements. The young person can work together with a family needing childcare help and continue to live in their own home. 

Live-in childcare

The new same-country matching feature on the AuPairWorld platform can also support searches between families and young people in order to arrange live-in childcare. After the match, the young person can go to another town or city in her/his own country and live with a family there to help with childcare needs and at the same time gain new experiences in a new environment.

How to use AuPairWorld to search for childcare partners in your own country

For young people: With the modifications in our platform functionality (EasyFind), it will now be possible for young people to register and to list their own country as their intended host country. When this setting is selected, you will also see families from your own country who are looking for support from local young people.

For families: The EasyFind platform modifications will also make it possible for families to register and select their own country as the desired "au pair" nationality. When this setting is selected, you will see young people from your own country who are interested in providing childcare support.

Families and young people can make these searches more effective by including the name of the city where they live in their profile texts. Then it will also be possible to enter city names in the keyword search in EasyFind to help identify possible matches.

New solutions for difficult times

AuPairWorld is very much aware of the difficulties being caused by the coronavirus for families and au pairs. We want to use the resources of our platform to help our users find the best possible ways of handling this challenging situation. Nonetheless, please be aware of the guidelines in your own country concerning lockdown and social distancing and respect them. 

We will continue to evaluate other possible platform modifications that can help au pairs and families work together more easily during this emergency period.  We also are available as usual with our Customer Support to answer your specific questions. Please feel free to contact us or read our blog article on au pairing and the the coronavirus situation.