AuPairWorld supports Rails Girls Summer Of Code

The Summer of Code initiative organised by Rails Girls is designed to support women as they learn more about Open Source programming and discover the exciting world of building web applications. AuPairWorld has decided to support this unique initiative by donating 2,500 USD. We invite you to join us in getting involved with this inspiring project.

Update: Rails Girls has extended the deadline for donations until 1 July. So far, more than 70.000 USD have been collected for the "Summer of Code". This will allow no less than 14 students to take part in the project. Join us as and contribute to the Rails Girls initiative!

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What is Rails Girls?

Rails Girls was founded in Finland in 2010 as a fully non-profit organisation. It held its first training workshop in that year. Over 100 interested women signed up up for the event and got started acquiring skills as open source programmers. Since then, these free events have expanded to countries around the world, enabling women to learn more about software development and programming and contributing to a highly beneficial demystification of the world of web applications. Through the two-day workshops, volunteer coaches give girls and young women all the tools they need to learn the ABCs of coding.

For more information about the initiative, visit Rails Girls.

What is the Rails Girls "Summer of Code"?

The initiative is focused on enabling women to discover and get deeper experience of the world of open source programming. Students selected in the context of the Rails Girls Summer of Code will be paid for a three-month period. In this time they can then dedicate themselves fully to an Open Source project. In contrast to the Google Summer of Code or the Ruby Summer of Code initiatives, this programme is exclusively for girls and young women and makes a point of helping students to expand their knowledge and skills rather than producing highly sophisticated code. 

Why is AuPairWorld supporting this initiative?

AuPairWorld believes strongly that women should get involved in programming and develop their skills in this dynamic field. This makes us very interested in this exciting initiative and has led to our decision to support Rails Girls with a donation of  2,500 USD for the Summer of Code project. Heike Fischer, Chief Product Officer of AuPairWorld, has actually participated in a recent Rails Girls Workshop and was thoroughly impressed by the nice atmosphere, great dedication of the volunteer coaches and the amazing results participants reached­ even in the context of a one-day programming workshop.

Will you join us?

Would you like to join us in supporting the Rails Girls Summer of Code, or perhaps get involved as a participant? The original aim was to raise 50,000 USD. In just 10 days the campaign has already reached a total of 53,600 USD (update: 6 June 2013). For every 5,000 USD raised above the original target, one more student can be supported for a 3-month period of intensive learning in the Open Source community. We're convinced it's a great way to open doors for young women into the world of programming and would be very pleased if others also choose to get on board - as donors or even better as participants!

Visit the Rails Girls Summer of Code website and contribute to "changing the face of technology, one woman at a time". Or find out about being a participant.

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