Petitions to support au pairing during the corona crisis

Please sign these petitions to promote better visa and travel arrangements for au pairs in Australia, New Zealand and Germany. Families and young people need your support!

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Supporters of au pairing in Australia New Zealand and Germany have organised separate petition campaigns to urge the authorities in these countries to help au pairs and families handle visa requirements and quarantine rules more simply and easily.

The challenge

  • On the one hand, coronavirus lockdowns are making the support that au pairs give to families more important than ever.
  • On the other hand, lockdowns and travel restrictions have also made it more difficult to obtain visas and to travel to join families in these countries.

The three petitions call on the authorities to make the formal arrangements as simple as possible for au pairs and families trying to realise their a pair plans despite the coronavirus crisis. 

Au pairing depends on shared international engagement. Even if you don't live in these countries, show your support for these arrangements to make sure that the au pair experience works for everyone around the world. Every signature helps as we work together to keep the doors open for au pairing.

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Thank you for taking a moment to help make a difference :-) Your support counts!