Now you can make your own personal notes on AuPairWorld profiles

Who was the au pair that could already come in April? Or: Which host family was it that was especially nice? When one is dealing with lots of different contacts in arranging an au pair stay, it's sometimes difficult to keep track of all the details. Not anymore! Starting today you can use our new note function in the profiles to manage your contacts in the best possible way.

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Thank you very much for your helpful suggestions! One of them has just been implemented in our system. It makes it easier to keep track of things during your search for the right au pair or host family. Starting today, you can write your own personal notes on the different profiles you are considering. With many different ongoing applications and exchanges, this lets you have a better overview of what's happening and keeps you organised for making your final selection. The notes that you make are only visible for you, and can be edited or deleted at any time. The profile holder doesn't receive any information about what you have written or that you have made any note at all.  

A small feature for a big selection

This is how it works: As soon as you've logged in, you can write your personal notes on any profile. To do this, click on the button "Personal notes" directly above the "Send message" button. As soon as you've made your note on the profile, the note symbol turns turquoise. This symbol is located to the right of the name of the profile holder. When you pass the mouse cursor over this symbol, your note appears. In search lists and in the messaging system you will also see which profiles you've made notes for.

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