The Netherlands obliges au pairs and host families to pass through an agency

Changes concerning the Netherlands as a host country: from June 2013 au pairs, both from within the EU and from outside the EU will only be entitled to enter the country if they pass through one of the officially recognised agencies.

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It's now official: According to the Dutch Immigration Authority (IND), the Modern Migration Policy Law (MoMi), which was approved in 2010 but has so far not taken effect, is due to come into effect on 1 June 2013.

Thus, from June 2013, au pairs and host families in the Netherlands will face certain changes: host families will no longer be able to host an au pair without passing through a so-called 'sponsor' (i.e. an officially recognised au pair agency), and only this sponsor agency will be authorised to apply for a residence permit on behalf of an au pair.

The new law will affect au pairs from within EU, as well as au pairs from non-EU countries. This will mean that EU citizens travelling to the Netherlands in order to become au pairs, will need a residence permit which must be obtained through a 'sponsor' agency. Please note, for the remaining period up to the end of May 2013, it is still possible to enter the Netherlands without passing through a 'sponsor' agency using a residence permit obtained through self-application. Residence permits issued prior to June 2013 will be valid until the date specified in the document.

What are the changes for au pairs? What do host families need to bear in mind? We will soon answer these and many more questions in our section Info host countries ― Au pair stay in the Netherlands. Our expert on questions concerning the Netherlands is updating all the information on this topic to ensure you will be well informed in the future.


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